Sunday Morning at 10:30 is the Sheepfold Ministries church service. It features praise and worship music, prayer and praise time, teaching, kid's church and fellowship.

Tuesday is the day set aside for Pastor Phil to minister to the needs of the grieving. He travels to Hubbard, Ohio for afternoon planning and counseling.

In the evening are workshops on grief and grieving.
This all occurs at the KELLY-ROBB-CUMMINS Funeral home in Hubbatd, Ohio.

Tuesday evening Sheepfold Ministries conducts a 7:00  PM Bible study, open to all.  Julee McCamey is the leader

Elder Bob Baker holds a weekly prayer and fellowship hour Wednesday noon at Sharon, Pennsylvania’s PIZZA JOE’S restaurant on South Water Avenue. POSTER

Thursday night 7:00 is Anger Management class. This outreach has special impact on men and women struggling with self-control issues. Attendees can expect to receive “in-your-face” information and challenges when dealing with rage and anger problems. Pastor Roland is assisted by Mickey Fox.

Friday morning Elder Bob Baker holds art classes at the Sharon, PA. Salvation Army. 

Friday at noon the Sheepfold lunch bunch meets for a fellowship lunch.

Sheepfold Ministries provides emergency food bags.
We support local and overseas missions and training.
We are affiliated with Harvest Network, International (HNI).
Our organizational networking involves many local Churches, plus individual professionals and volunteers.